• Jarad

    Where’s the demo. That would have been nice.

    • http://themehall.com han

      Demo link is added. You can also do it via theme preview inside your wp admin.> appearance > theme

  • eduardo

    Hi, I’m using this theme. I have entered site description in theme options, but i can’t see it in my site. The description is used only as ‘alt’ text of the header image.
    How can I make appear my site description?
    Thanks in advance.

  • http://www.xilare.mx Raul

    Hi, im using this theme for my site i only have one question which is the correct size of the image to use in the header? thks

  • http://carrylifestyle.com j

    I just activated this theme on my blog and it is exactly what I was looking for! It has a simple to use interface with a fully customizable template.

    Thank you!