1. DanHart

    I am using this Mobile theme, Version 0.1.2, at blogs.thecounselorsgroup.com. I like it as it matches the bootstrap 3 theme I use on my web site.
    I found a small glitch though. I have the Global settings set to have the Global Layout with Two Columns, Right. It works as expected except when I do a search, the results page puts the sidebar on the LEFT side. (BTW, I wanted to post this on the forum, but it would not let me, it kept giving a message that I had to be logged in – which I was).

    Thanks for this theme – it is just what I need.

  2. It crashed a WP running on PHP 5.2.17 tonight. Another WP on the same hosting service runs on PHP 5.4.22. Omega Mobile runs nicely there. Is there a way to downgrade the theme to work on the older version of PHP? What to do with WP running on the older version of PHP? Is there another theme that is okay with that version of PHP?

    • Can you try other child theme (church) or omage parent and see if it works? I don’t see any reason why mobile theme cannot run older PHP.

  3. Sorbitolith

    When M obile is displayed on a cell the links in the main sector aren´t working. Its like the sidebar is covering the hole side. Set .sidebar to z-index:-1 so the content worked but the sidebar didn´t.

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