1. This template has a great design. Thanks.

  2. Andrew

    Is there a changelog anywhere in the Church theme files? I was curious what is new in the 0.2.7 update.

    • Please read readme.txt. This version introduced home banner widget so you can replace home header image with content from widget. It can be slideshow (you’ll need to install a plugin) or anything else.

  3. Love the theme! Our site is just starting up. One question – how could I remove the post page title that shows up above the posts?

  4. Karen

    I’m trying out this theme (0.2.7). It’s nice, but I can’t figure out why the sidebar (“Primary”) isn’t displayed on the home page – I’ve looked everywhere for a setting I’m missing.

  5. roma

    Please, I’ve just installed the Church Theme for my blog, in Brazil (portuguese-bra language), and it seems there is no support for translation, even using codestyling localization plugin. I need to translate a few expressions like “leave a comment”, “posted on/in” etc to portuguese, but I didn’t find them in the php files. Could you help me? Thanks

  6. hazclan13

    Great job guys!

  7. Hi, and thanks a lot for the theme, its quite usefull for my purpose and I have individualised it so far. But two questions:
    – is it possible to get rid of the comments-widget on every side? I would rather like to have a contact-option on the menu bar instead. I have build this already, but can’t get rid of the comments-widget.
    – is there any plugin to ha a better view and use for tablets and mobiles?
    I would be very glad for every help… thanks a lot in advance

    • yes with custom code.

      if ( has_post_thumbnail() ) {

      • How do I add this code within “do_action( ‘omega_content’ );” rather than creating a new single.php for church theme? Can this be done with custom code in functions.php?

  8. KI love this theme. After header and the image where the txt is. I want it to be some other color than white how do I change that??

  9. I am using the Church theme for our small church website and in general find it good for the purpose. My one significant gripe is that there is no way to turn of commenting on static pages. We use a static page for the front page with the blog-type posts on another page. I don’t want comments on the front page, but I do want them on the blog pages. I’ve seen other themes that have that ability and it would be nice to see it here.

    • It’s not available yet on wordpress.org, but soon. Please use forum for theme support

  10. Eric

    Awesome theme! Thanks so much.

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